Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Vendor Review

Happy Hippo Herbals is an established company for the supply of authentic kratom and their head office is located in Boise, Idaho. This fresh company has the enthusiasm to sell kratom and lead the kratom community. This vendor is among the top leading kratom brands due to the quality they produce and the fresh kratom every time procured from the highly valuable sources.

The provide kratom products which are harvested each time a customer places an order and these kratom strains are not preserved for more than 2 months.

The sweet nature of Happy Hippo herbals is their donations for American Kratom Association which shows their contribution for kratom and its welfare.

The freshness of its products is witnessed every time their products are opened and the strong essence of kratom goes deep into the breath.


The farmers who are working for Happy Hippo Herbals are professional and have special training for the purpose of growing kratom in the best and pure way.

Happy Hippo Website

The website of Happy Hippo Herbals is childish in its outlook. It is over pink in color and looks like a website for cartoons. This act might distract users from taking their products seriously. That’s only the design of the product but the layout of the website is user-friendly and let the user order their favored strain easily because the kratom strains are categorized in beginner an up to advance stage.

Shipping Service

Happy Hippo Herbals feels pride in their shipping service which is very quick and it only takes two days to ship products to its destinations but on weekdays. On weekends, they might get late for not more than 5 days.

Deals and Promotions

Happy Hippo Herbals offers promotions to their customers at a great level which is the perfect strategy for their market value and also customer attraction.

Happy Hippo Herbals offer free samples with its each placed order which can help a person in selecting their next desired strain.

The promotional offers are mostly offered with bulk orders such as with one kg product order. The orders which are above 10 kg or more are considered for special discounts by the company.


Price Estimation

Their products are expensive as compared to other vendors serving online. But don’t forget to consider their quality which is extremely top-notch. Apart from the quality, their products only need a little dosage to show the effects which is less in other vendors.

If you choose to pay through Bitcoin, Happy Hippo Herbals will give you an additional 20 percent discount on every kratom order.

Payment option at Happy Hippo Herbals

The overall experience of shopping with Happy Hippo Herbals is tremendous. Many websites offer products but unfortunately, they lack due to their limited payment methods.

Since the vendors are authentic and though their website is but their payment options are paypal and others.

In previous years, it was very unfeasible to shop at Happy Hippo Herbals because they only offered the payment method of Dwolla and not credit cards. But now, Happy Hippo Herbals is accepting credit, Visa, and Master cards along with Bitcoins.